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It's easy to contact to us at NDP! Simply search for the faculty/staff or department name in the box below.

NDP's email convention is last name+first initial (i.e.

The school's main number is 410-825-6202; once calling you will be prompted to type in the  extension or wait for the operator.

Staff Name Ext. Email Department Role
Nicole Acaso 1107 Science Teacher
Holly Adolph 1712 Mathematics Teacher
Robin Albert 1716 Communications Graphic Designer
Virginia Alderman 1309 Counseling Personal Counselor
Raven Andrews 1723 Mathematics Teacher
Maggie Anton 1802 Physical Education/Health Teacher
Barbara Barr 1536 Mathematics Teacher
Cristi Barry 1404 Café NDP--Cristi Barry Cuisine, LLC Owner, Cristi Barry Cuisine
Mary Bartel 1600 Physical Education/Health Chairperson
Thomas Bender 1709 English Teacher
Melinda Berger 1541 Administration and Science Middle Level Assistant Director; Science Teacher
Stacy Bilenki 1514 Music/Performing Arts Music Teacher
Maria Boote 1658 Language Teacher
Dr. Katharina Boser, Ph.D. 1728 Science Computer Science Program Coordinator
Yan Brendel 1014 Language Teacher
Kristin Brown 1605 Athletics Athletic Trainer
Sister Barbara Brumleve, SSND, Ph.D. 1730 Mission Integration Coordinator
Kim Bryson 1731 Physical Education Teacher
Vicki Burns 1306 Administration Support Staff Administrative Assistant to Counseling
Terri Byrd 1603 Physical Education/Health Teacher
Susan Cahill 1501 Science Teacher
Jennifer Caine 1023



Outreach Associate; IDT Instructor
Gail Caltrider 1526 Social Studies Teacher
Maureen Sack Cannon 1622 Admissions and Enrollment Management Director
Rick Cannon 1700   Maintenance Maintenance
Jennifer Casey 1656 English Teacher
Nancy Caspari 1624 Physical Education/Health Teacher
Theresa Caton 1666 Mathematics Teacher
Amy Cavanaugh 1626 Admissions and Enrollment Management Assistant Director
Cami Colarossi 1004 Communications Director
Christine Connelly 1553 Mathematics Teacher
Anne Marie Connolly 1000 Reception Receptionist
Sister Carmen D'Adamio 1000 Reception Receptionist
Lauren Dana 1531 English Teacher
Donna Davey 1628 Administration Support Staff Administrative Assistant
Diana Degnan-LaFon 1573 English Chairperson
Kimberly DeMario 1400 Health Suite Nurse
Kristie DeMaso 1302 Library-Educational Media Services Library Assistant
Christine DiMenna 1442 Science Teacher
Mary Dohmeier 1510 English Teacher
Brenden Dowling 1632 Religion Teacher
Colleen Driscoll 1108 Advancement Events Manager
Bill Duffy 1701 Maintenance Chief Engineer
Alex Dzbinski 1654 Music/Performing Arts Chairperson
Marshall Edrington 1636 Social Studies Teacher
Susan Eisenhart 1412 Administration Middle Level Director
Michael Ellis 1528 Social Studies Teacher
Laurie Fick 1109 Advancement Stewardship Associate
Susan Filar 1551 Language Teacher
Sophie Fineran 1302 Library-Educational Media Services School Librarian
Elizabeth Fleischmann 1505 Science Teacher
Bridget Gallant 1415 Counseling Personal Counselor
Mary Neil Gathagan

1011 (Admissions)

1016 (Trading Post) Admissions and Enrollment Management; Trading Post Admissions Counselor; Trading Post Manager
Kara Gioioso 1655 Counseling Middle Level Counselor
Julia Goffredi 1729 Language Teacher
Elaine Gottschalk 1533 Mathematics Teacher
Rosa Grady 1308 Counseling College Counselor
Jennifer Grooms 1523 Social Studies Teacher
Adrianna Gutierrez 1572 English Teacher
Edith Gwin 1007 Business Payroll/Benefits Coordinator
Colleen Helie 1557 Art Teacher
Christina Hellem 1555 English Teacher
David Hennel 1091 Technology Director
Hillary Hennighausen 1574 Science Teacher
Michael Henry 1095 Technology Assistant Director
Phil Humphreys 1002 Administration Support Staff Administration Assistant to the Headmistress
Danielle Jablonski 1612 English Teacher
Laurie Jones 1619 Administration   Coordinator of Special Projects
Andrea Jones 1111 Advancement Director
William Kahl 1521 Science Teacher
Christine Kaiser 1003 Administration Dean of Students 
Sister Karen Kane 1080 Administration Interim Principal
Libby Keady 1560 Religion Upper Level Campus Minister
Pam Keffer 1302 Library-Educational Media Services Library Aide
Lisa Kendzierski 1524 English Teacher
Kristen Kinkopf 1106 Advancement Major Gifts and Foundations Officer
Ellie Krajewski 1101 Admissions and Enrollment Management Admissions Assistant
Kristen Krebbel 1552 Mathematics Teacher
Dr. Swiatoslaw Kuznik, Ph.D. 1661 Music/Performing Arts Music Teacher
Lauren LaCanfora 1725 English Teacher
Christian Leitch 1503 Art Teacher
Laura Livingston 1413 Administration Support Staff Administration Assistant to the Middle Level
Maureen Longo 1637 Religion Chairperson
Chris Lopez 1525 Social Studies Teacher; Coordinator of the Bette Ellis O'Conor Humanities Program
Cathleen Love 1556 Mathematics Teacher
Andrea Lowman 1542 Science Teacher
Tracey Lumpkin 1006 Business Director of Finance and Facilities 
Dr. Molly Macek, Ph.D. 1662 Science Chairperson
Laura Mackle 1516 Language Teacher
Elizabeth Majchrzak 1517 Social Service Assistant Director
Barbara Mantler 1634 Social Studies Teacher; WIN Internship Coordinator
Vincent Maranto 1700   Maintenance Maintenance
Janet Marnien 1565 Language Teacher
Maureen Mazurowski 1507 Advancement Constituent Engagement Manager
Emily McCaffery 1018 Communications Social Media Content Manager
Sister Patricia McCarron, SSND, Ph.D. 1001 Administration Headmistress
Maureen McCarron 1010 Admissions and Enrollment Management Admissions Assistant
Mary Margaret McClurg 1621 Religion Teacher
Debbie McCown 1013 Admissions and Enrollment Management Administrative Assistant
Tim McGowan 1094 Technology Network Administrator
Cecelia McGrain 1411 Counseling ML Learning Resource Specialist
Erin McNamara 1570 English Teacher
Elizabeth Mortimer 1652 Language Teacher
Sharon Moser 1711 Language Teacher
Lucy Mugford 1513 Language Teacher
Caroline Mullin 1113 Advancement Annual Fund Manager
Sarah Myers 1651 Language Chairperson
Mary O'Hara 1522 Social Studies Chairperson
Pat O'Hara 1724 English Teacher
Robert O'Hara 1303 Business External Facilities Manager
Alex Opperhauser 1093 Technology IT Support Specialist
Shawn Osmeyer 1118 Advancement Alumnae Engagement Manager 
Gianna Pappas 1554 Science Teacher
Elizabeth Pennington 1665 Social Studies Teacher
Tom Peri 1543 Science Teacher
Dennis Peters 1527 Social Studies Teacher
Christine Plumer 1558 Art Teacher
Jennifer Poitras 1519 Social Studies Teacher
Steven Pomplon 1512 Religion Teacher; Director of Service
Margaret Potter 1710 Counseling UL Learning Resource Specialist
Anne Printz 1726 Social Studies Teacher
Rob Quinn 1110 Administration Interim Upper Level Academic Dean and English Teacher
Marianne Reichelt 1508 English Teacher
Marlene Rest 1561 Language Teacher
Billy Rowe 1019 Business Staff Accountant
Sue Ruhl 1623 Music/Performing Arts Music Teacher
Bridget Ryder 1653 Religion Teacher
Aimee Sann 1713 Mathematics Teacher
Liz Schiavone 1515 Social Studies Teacher
Rosemarie Schmuff 1302 Library-Educational Media Services Library Aide
Leigh Ann Schneider 1008 Business Student Billing Manager
Meredith Sheehan 1618 Advancement Database and Gifts Manager
Bridget Sheehey 1537 Mathematics Teacher
Mary Agnes Sheridan 1571 Mathematics Teacher and ML STEAM Coordinator
Janice Sievers 1700 Maintenance Housekeeper
Christa Simmers 1534 Science Teacher
Dr. Jessica Simmers, Ph.D. 1663 Science Teacher
Dr. Jean Smiley, Ph.D. 1664 Science Teacher
Gerald Smith 1715 Music/Performing Arts Music Teacher
Joan Smith 1602 Physical Education/Health Teacher and Assistant Athletic Director
James Smith 1604 Athletics Director
Theresa St. Laurent 1310 Counseling College Counselor
Ellen Starr 1307 Counseling Director of Counseling and College Counselor
M. Claire Storey 1532 Language Teacher
Allen Stottlemeyer 1700   Maintenance Maintenance
Lucy Strausbaugh 1635 Religion Teacher
Janet Tomasic 1559 Mathematics Teacher
Sandy Veresink 1502 Administration Interim Upper Level Academic Dean and English Teacher
Anne Walker 1563 Art Chairperson
Margaret Ward 1511 English Teacher; Drama/Theatre Coordinator
Serene Webber 1631 Music/Performing Arts Teacher
Sister Mary Roy Weiss, SSND, Ph.D. 1638 Religion Teacher
Kerry White 1012 Admissions and Enrollment Management Admissions Counselor
Dr. Marcelle Williams, Ph.D. 1708 Religion Teacher
Stacy Wilson 1535 Mathematics Chairperson
Tracy Windham 1538 Science Teacher
Tim Winter 1518 Science Teacher and UL STEAM Coordinator
Anne Wisniewski 1301 Library-Educational Media Services Head Librarian
Debbie Yokum 1103 Advancement Officer Manager