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Central to our identity as Catholics is that we are called to be leaven for transforming the world, agents for bringing about a kingdom of love and justice.

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The Social Service curriculum at Notre Dame Preparatory School moves students from acts of charity to works of justice.  Topics that we regularly address with students include:

  • How Charity is different from Justice.
  • How to recognize the Kingdom of God right here!
  • Why Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is the ‘best kept secret in the Catholic Church.’
  • How Gospel Values and the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching shine a new light on current political, economic and social issues.
  • How CST offers strategic and systemic solutions for social sin.
  • How to become an advocate for the poor and marginalized of society.
  • Educational resources for the classroom.
  • Practical resources for purchasing and investment.
  • The SSND local, national and global mission.
  • Issue specific meditations and prayers.
  • Action Alerts and many ways that you can get involved in Building The Kingdom of God!