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Message From The Headmistress

Love Accordingly

"Honor the God in all, and love accordingly." 



This past Monday, NDP unveiled a special statue, that of the Homeless Jesus. This sculpture is traveling around the Archdiocese during Lent, and Notre Dame is fortunate to be the first school to which it is visiting.

The image of the Homeless Jesus reminds us that God is in each one of us, no matter where we live, go to school, work, travel, or worship. We are called to recognize the dignity of all persons. Each one of us faces challenges—some more overt than others—but all are human. Jesus lived among us as man, teaching love, responsibility, and mutual respect. Homeless Jesus says without words, “Honor the God in all, and love accordingly.”

While this last gasp of winter has kept many of us in our homes for the past two days, the Homeless Jesus reminds us to be compassionate to all who are without a warm bed, a filling meal, or a strong support system. If you are on campus any time this week, please visit the Homeless Jesus in our lobby. It is a thought-provoking, spiritual, and inspiring reminder that God is within us and we are called to recognize that fact.