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Please start now to get your daughter’s physical exam appointment on the books!  Health forms are required for All students—every year and due in the nurse’s office before Aug 1st.  This is necessary for your daughter to start school in September and/or tryout for her Upper Level fall sport, with the Upper Level sports tryouts being held in mid-August. Middle Level sports tryouts are after the academic year starts.
New this year—the health form is a “2 part form”.  The parent assessment section is electronic!  This electronic form will go “live” at the end of June, and parents/guardians will receive an email prompt with instructions for logging on and submitting.  The nurse will get an email message as you complete this electronic form, so you do not need to print.  For now, you may schedule your daughter’s medical examination as early as May 2018, and print and take the NDP Physical and Medication Health form* with you to that appointment.  Here is the form: 

2018-2019 Health Form

Exams are due every 12 months.  Parents need to complete and co-sign the medication page, before leaving the form with your doctor to complete. 

New students, as well as returning students who get a vaccination at the time of this exam, need to attach an up-to-date Immunization record as it states on the physical form.   Completed Physical and Medication forms may be emailed or faxed, as soon as they are completed, to the school nurse, Ms. Kim DeMario, RN, at or fax: 443-921-2890. Please contact Ms. DeMario with any questions at 443-921-2750.


Please be aware that Fall Athletics  Try Outs for Upper Level begin August 15, 2018.  In order to try out for a fall team, each student-athlete will need to have a current/up to date physical on file.  Completed school physical’s (both the parent electronic section and the physician’s paper forms) are due to the school nurse by August 1. 
In addition to having a completed physical on file for tryouts, student-athletes are required to complete the XLNTBrain Baseline Concussion test.  This is required each year for every student-athlete.  Instructions will be sent out when the test is available for next year’s athletic season.

Nurse's Contact Information

Kim DeMario
Fax #  443-921-2890
Office # 443-921-2750  X1400