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Parents Association

2016-2017 Officers

President: Robin Adenegan
Vice President: Ailsa Mendez
Treasurer: Pam Deisher
Corresponding Secretary: Pam Stewart
Recording Secretary: Mia Walsh
Upper Level Coordinator: Helen Aberle
12th Grade Representative: Shelley Keirn and Shelly Mellott
11th Grade Representative: Michelle Gahagan and Dottie Kastrunes
10th Grade Representative: Cathy Gorman and Maru Fava
9th Grade Representative: Melanie Ferguson and Kristen Rudolph
Middle Level Coordinator: Katja Engel-Hughes
8th Grade Representative: Jill Merriman and Amanda Karpers
7th Grade Representative: Lisa Bayne and Katie Douglas
6th Grade Representative: Julie Lynch and Alena Maze

Committee Heads

Cash Back Programs: Sparkle Nelson
Lost and Found: Maria Yanson
Mailings Committee: Shari Kronsberg
Middle Level Used Book Sale: TBA
Christmas Campus Decorating: Kristen Rudolph