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Technology at Notre Dame Prep centers on the belief that sensible technology—that is technology that advances learning goals—can enhance teaching, motivate learning, and prepare students to meet the technological demands of higher education and the workplace. Faculty and students use technology to  develop meaningful 21st-century skills, such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. Throughout our campus-wide wireless environment, the integration of technology is woven into the NDP curriculum, and students receive a state-of-the art education adaptable to whatever path their lives take after graduation.

In 2006, the NDP Upper School became a fully implemented wireless laptop learning environment. To that end, all incoming grade nine students are required to have laptops, purchased through the NDP program, and to attend a summer laptop camp in preparation for high school. Laptop specifications will be provided to incoming students and their families by freshman registration.

Technology Mission statement

To infuse technology into the NDP experience in order to enrich our students’ learning, broaden the perspective from which they view the world, and empower them as they move beyond our walls, while encouraging and promoting 21st century technology skills and digital citizenship.

technology resources

Teachers and students use computers in their instruction and day-to-day communication through Blackboard, a course delivery solution that is prominent in US colleges. Blackboard brings all course content to each student’s personalized dashboard. It features a password-protected secure collaboration environment with tools like wikis, blogs, discussion boards, journals and file sharing, as well as instant access to homework and class lessons.

All students have on-campus and at-home access to a myriad of paid-subscription research databases through our Library department, which enable students to access accurate, current and filtered content in each core-subject area. In addition, students may access an on-demand video database system called SAFARI Montage, which provides thousands of premier educational video for their school projects.

In addition to the 1:1 laptop program in the Upper Level, NDP has several computer labs throughout campus, including labs for writing and publications, architectural drawing, and a multimedia lab for the Language Department.  There is also an Apple iMac lab for photograph editing and graphic design.

Through our STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), interactive projectors have been placed in all Upper Level Science and Math departments and in other departments throughout campus. 

A new Engineering laboratory opened in 2011, bringing computer-aided design software and a hands-on experience for imagining, designing and creating. Continued partnerships with Northrup Grumman, Johns Hopkins and Towson Universities, the National Security Agency and other institutions in the Baltimore area engage our students with topics like computational linguistics, programming, cyber threats and security, privacy and digital citizenship, just to name a few.

Why laptops in the Upper level?

Notre Dame Preparatory School has been a wireless school since 2003 when the 1-to-1 laptop initiative began. Each year the curriculum has been enhanced and building blocks have been added to ensure technology is used to its maximum potential in the classroom.   We at NDP continue to carefully analyze trends in education and the workplace environments to make the best possible decisions regarding technology usage in the curriculum for the future.

Many people ask:

“Why Laptops and not Tablets or other Hand-held Devices in our Upper Level?”

  • Curriculum drives technology at NDP; therefore, we invest in products which enable students to work at their maximum potential. Laptops are superior devices for multitasking, software availability and content creation.
  • Tablets, such as the iPad, were not meant to be computer replacements, but rather great companion devices. Their primary function is for content consumption, such as reading and viewing, and their restricted multitasking limits their content creation abilities. 
  • Microsoft products continue to be the standard for professionals in the workplace. As we prepare our students for real-world applications, it is important we use the tools which remain relevant and in-demand.
  • The life cycle of an iPad is undetermined; however, Apple only offers a two-year warranty plan. NDP’s laptops include a four-year complete care warranty to remain cost effective through graduation.

For further information about NDP’s laptop program, contact Mr. David Hennel, Director of Technology, at,


The STArs (Student Technology Advisors) Club is for those students interested in the ever-changing world of technology. Through STArs, NDP students have the opportunity to delve into the different fields of technology, such as, networking, hardware components, programming, software components, printers, projectors, and much more. STArs assist the Technology Department in testing new initiatives as well as providing peer support for classmates and promoting the use of technology throughout the school.

STArs also assist teachers in the classroom when there is an issue with technology, be it projector, hardware, or software related. These types of situations not only strengthen a student’s problem solving skills, but also their relationships with teachers and fellow classmates. The love of learning about technology has gone beyond NDP’s walls through field trips to Goddard Space Flight Center, Johns Hopkins University Robotics Lab, and System Source.

Middle level technology

In the Middle Level, students are able to utilize diverse NDP-owned equipment, including 30 Dell laptops.  All Middle Level classes have access to these computers for research, experimentation, and writing as technology is integrated into each core subject curriculum.  

All Middle Level classrooms have Interactive projectors which allow students to be actively engaged in the whole learning experience. Teachers develop lessons incorporating hands-on creative problems solving and explorations for all types of learners--from those who are advanced in the subject and can quickly move from problem to problems to those who need more time reviewing individuals problem-solving steps.

Middle Level byod

Middle Level students may participate in NDP's optional Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program, in which students bring an internet-ready device with a screen size of seven inches or larger as a companion device to be used in classes. These devices may be used for content consumption, creation, and note-taking, and they are connected to the internet through a separate BYOD wireless network.

Technology Staff

Technology Director
Technology Assistant  Director
Network/Database Administrator
IT Support Specialist
Help Desk Technicians
Student Technology Advisors (STArs) staff the NDP Technology Help Desk
Intern programs in the summer offer opportunities for NDP graduates to hone their skills in the fields of technology and computer science.