Our Commitment to Community

As a school grounded in the spirit of the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) and dedicated to developing students to become global citizens ready to transform the world, Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP) prioritizes the creation of an inclusive and just community. This commitment is present from the student body to the highest levels of school leadership and is based on the belief that all of us benefit when diversity and excellence are joined. Only in an inclusive community can our students grow into women who are comfortable navigating the globally engaged world they will enter. This ability to thrive will allow our students to shape the world to better reflect the values that NDP strives to impart.

As a Catholic institution, Notre Dame Prep adheres to the fundamental teaching of the Gospel and the Catholic Church: that everyone is made in God's image and this is endowed with invoiable dignity worthy of our respect. This is a core belief of Catholic social teaching.  
NDP is more than a school; it is a community. It is a place where young women can grow to become the best versions of themselves in an environment that is nurturing, accepting, and empowering. We strive to make NDP a place where each student can come and be her true authentic self as God created her. NDP’s mission expands to include a commitment that our community’s diversity reflects our greater community. This is our inclusivity goal.

Pillars of Inclusivity

In the context of our community, inclusivity is understood as a two-pronged movement intended to refer to both:
  1. The creation of a welcoming, accepting, validating, and empowering environment where people of all backgrounds can feel comfortable, appreciated, and respected for who they are

  2. The creation of a community of students, teachers, administration and staff whose demographic makeup reflects the heterogeneity of the wider community, especially in terms of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

Our Community Goal

The goal of NDP is to create a community in which all feel welcome, comfortable, and thrive in their full identities. We want our students to feel that NDP is a place where they can be who they are, without worry or fear of judgment or mistreatment. We believe that everyone benefits from participation in such an environment and that it is only through such an environment that our mission to educate and empower girls to become women who transform the world can truly be fulfilled.

Anti-Racism Task Force

The Notre Dame Preparatory School Anti-Racism Task Force is comprised of dedicated individuals including alumnae, parents of alumnae, NDP faculty and staff, School Sisters of Notre Dame, and community leaders. We are grateful for their service, insight, compassion, and commitment to ensuring inclusivity and justice at NDP.

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  • +  Anti-Racism Task Force Members

    Brianna Abraham
    Raven Andrews
    Gerard Athaide, Ph.D.
    Lauren Dana
    Melanie Ferguson
    Mary Gunning
    Jennifer Herwig
    Sister Miriam Jansen, SSND
    Joanne S. Jones
    Catherine Liberatore
    Sister Patricia McCarron, SSND, Ph.D.
    Trish McClean
    Lisa W.  Petit, M.D.
    Sister Rita Michelle Proctor, OSP
    Sherita Thomas
    Arthur S. Varnado
    Martina Varnado 

NDP Community Letters

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Activities

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  • +  Faculty/Staff and Student Conferences

    • Since 2017-2018, NDP faculty have attended the National Association of Independent School's People of Color Conference. In 2019, a delegation of students and teachers attended. This is the premier diversity conference for independent schools.
    • Since 2018, students and faculty have attended the Baltimore Student Diversity Leadership Conference (BSDLC) sponsored by the Association of Independent Maryland School, both as presenters and participants In 2019, five NDP students presented workshops. The conference was attended by over 400 students from AIMS schools in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.
    • NDP students have attended Sankofa, a local conference to address issues of diversity, inclusivity, and equity since 2018.
    • NDP sent student delegates to the AIMS Diversity Conference in 2019; in past years, other NDP faculty/staff have attended.
    • Faculty/staff have attended the AIMS Keeping Schools Safe Conference since 2019.
  • +  Student Diversity Council

    The Diversity Council is a student-run group that will promote diversity, inclusivity, and cultural awareness. This group provides support to students and staff who identify as minority groups within the Notre Dame Preparatory community as well as allies to these minority groups. The Diversity Council provides this support through discussions, education, and social activism. The group takes an active role fighting against prejudice, hatred, and ignorance by promoting tolerance and understanding.
  • +  Student Affinity Groups

    In 2018-2019, Affinity Groups were created to provide people who share a similar identity to come together for reflection, dialogue, and support. NDP Affinity Groups include the:
    • Asian Student Association
    • Black Student Association
    • Hispanic Student Association
    • Association of Whites for Anti-Racist Education (AWARE)
  • +  Middle and Upper Level Clubs Focused on Justice and Inclusion

    • American Sign Language Club (UL)
    • Club Umoja
    • Environmental Club (UL)
    • Green School (ML & UL)
    • Habitat for Humanity (UL)
    • Language Clubs (Chinese, French, Spanish UL)
    • Mental Health Awareness/Advocacy Club (UL)
    • Rafiki (UL)
    • Service Advocacy Club (UL)
    • Student Advocates for Equality (SAFE) Club (UL)
    • Travis Manion Foundation Club (UL)
    • Thirst Project Club (UL)
    • Shalom Club (ML)
    • Student Advocates for Equality (SAFE) Club (UL)
    • Students Saving the Bay (ML)
    • Travis Manion Foundation Club (UL)
    • Thirst Project Club (UL)

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