Once again, Notre Dame Prep is leading the way! As a testament to two successful strategic planning efforts over the last fourteen years, NDP has been invited to participate in a new, innovative strategic planning process called Sustaining Excellence that will focus on the advancement of global citizenship in our school and community.

As an international religious community, the School Sisters of Notre Dame has been and continues to be enriched by relationships around the globe. Following in the footsteps of the SSNDs that have come before us and fully aware of a world that is becoming increasingly smaller, our calling to create relationships and heal divisions through the advancement of global citizenship has gained clarity. The competencies of global citizenship include: developing critical thinking about complex local and global issues, cultivating empathy, learning how to exercise one’s own rights while honoring one’s responsibilities to others, and expanding upon inclusivity by explicitly highlighting an intentionality of learning about one’s self as a strategy to better build relationships with others. These are all important elements in creating students who are ready and willing to go forth and change the world.

For a more detailed discussion of global citizenship, please refer to the following edition from the ASCD journal entitled “The Global-Ready Student” (December 2016-January 2017), and stay tuned for more information about becoming a part of the new and exciting initiative!

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