Due to the Health Suite by August 12, 2022

Every Student, Every Year
Each year, each Notre Dame Prep student is required to have a new physical exam performed between May 1 and August 12, submitted before August 12. This physical exam is required before all students may begin the school year, participate in any school activities, or try out for an athletic team in the fall.

Health Suite Update

Update from the Health Suite Regarding Submitting Health Forms

School Physicals cannot be uploaded until after July 8.
The link to upload completed forms on the NDP website under Campus Life, is under construction. Please wait until after July 8 to upload your daughter’s completed physical form.  Also at that time, the two parent PrepNet electronic forms will be available for completion. No medical provider signature is needed for these 2 electronic PrepNet forms. 
Below are brief instructions for printing and uploading the physical form. All completed physicals are required to be uploaded only, not mailed, faxed, emailed, or dropped off.
Reminders for submission of Student Physical form 22-23 and the two parent electronic PrepNet forms after July 8th:
  1. Print the blank physical form from the www.notredameprep.com website under “Campus Life”.         
  2. Take this form to the physical appointment.
  3. If the exam with the primary care provider cannot be performed between 5/1 and 8/12 for any reason, then it is necessary to get a “one-time out-of-pocket sports/school physical” this school year between 5/1 & 8/12,  at a facility that offers this service. Transition back to a Spring/Summer schedule with the primary care provider the following Spring/Summer for the next school year. 
  4. Before uploading, check that the completed form has all the necessary signatures. 
  5. Before uploading, check that the exam date is between the required time frame of  5/1 and 8/12.
  6. Before uploading, save all pages of the completed physical form into one document on your computer.
  7. Upload the completed physical form after July 8th  by clicking on the link when it is provided.
  8. Complete the two parent electronic forms on PrepNet after July 8th—no medical provider signature is necessary for these two forms.
Students needing a one-time, out-of-pocket sports/pre-participation physical may contact Towson Sports Medicine, which is offering two dates for physicals: June 8 and August 8 (by appointment only). Click the button below for more information or to register.

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