Why Now? Why NDP?

Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP) is a place where girls grow into young women who meaningfully engage in relationships, embrace their faith, serve in their communities, and transform the world. Driven by our mission, NDP prepares women of character who are ready to communicate, collaborate, develop solutions for the world’s most complex problems, and make a positive difference in their communities and in the world.

Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics (STEAM) are on the rise, yet women are underrepresented in these fields. Notre Dame Prep is leveraging our liberal arts curriculum and Catholic identity to prepare girls to excel in these fields and to do so with kindness, compassion, and a desire to create a more just world. 

More than 40% of NDP’s Upper Level students receive need-based financial aid. Still, the number of students not attending NDP due to financial reasons is increasing.

“We are blessed at Notre Dame with a faith community where each person is cared for, respected, and loved. As the School Sisters of Notre Dame have demonstrated since our founding, we can effect change one person, one situation, at a time through education.”

Sister Patricia McCarron, SSND, Ph.D., Headmistress

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  • +  Enhancing Facilities

    The quality of our buildings and technological resources sets the stage for our dedicated faculty, equipped with a first-rate curriculum, to create an exceptional educational experience. Our new Innovation Wing will:

    Floor 1: Provide the Bette Ellis O’Conor Humanities Program with two new classrooms and the space and flexibility needed to co-locate the Upper Level English, Religion, and Social Studies Departments.

    Floor 2: House additional Upper Level STEAM classrooms, including the two-story Fabrication Lab, a classroom dedicated to architecture and design, a digital media lab, a medical suite, and an art gallery for the display of students’ work.

    Floor 3: Provide new art and design classrooms, a classroom dedicated to cybersecurity and computer science, a second gallery, and a large gathering space. 

    • Create the largest enclosed courtyard on campus (plus patio);
    • Offer open areas for small group and student-teacher collaboration; and
    • Facilitate traffic flow throughout the school.

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  • +  Growing Scholarships

    Committed to Catholic education and the SSND charism of unity, we are working to make an education at Notre Dame Prep more accessible. We strive to provide financial support to students with demonstrated financial need who desire an NDP education.

    NDP received financial aid applications from more than 50% of 2019-20 accepted applicants. While the amount of financial aid we are providing has increased in recent years, we must remain competitive and increase our ability to welcome students whose families would otherwise be unable to afford an NDP education.

List of 1 frequently asked questions.

  • +  Many thanks go to those
    donors who have supported
    Limitless Campaign
    (updated as of 11/8/19).

    Nicole M. Acaso '10
    Jorge & Vittoria Acevedo P'22,'24
    Lauren Heinze Adams '90
    Thomas & Holly Gaumnitz Adolph '70
    Anne R. Altemus '80
    Donna Amico
    Raven M. Andrews
    Mark & Christy Andrusis P'25
    Patrick & Donna Antkowiak P'03,'08,'15
    Robert & Susan Aumiller P'97,'99
    Gregory & Lisa Bailey P'09,'12,'16
    Andrew & Olga Bajko P'20
    Preston & Barbara Barr P'91
    Cristi Barry Cuisine, LLC
    Mary Bartel
    Ahmet Baschat, M.D. & Miriam Doyle-Baschat P'21
    Batza Family Foundation
    Ken & Karyn Danielczyk Bauer '93
    Armilda Beard
    Mary T. Beliveau '99
    April Bell
    William & Pilar Benassi P'17
    Alexandra Floyd Bentley, M.D. '96
    Richard & Melinda Berger
    John & Maria Purcell Boote '86, P'17, 19
    Taylor & Elizabeth Jenkins Boswell '00
    Edwin and Monica Bradley P'07
    Joan Fuchs Brahim '62
    Jennifer McManus Brennan '90
    James and Karen Brennan P'06,'13,'19
    Margaret Murphy Brennan '66
    Randolph Brinton & Hillary Michaud P'16
    Ian & Mary Brooks P'20
    Garrett & Irene Brown
    Ryan & Kira Nazelrod Brucker '94, P'24
    Carl and Carole Snyder Brudin '59
    Sister Barbara Brumleve SSND, Ph.D.
    Mark & Kelly O'Conor Buedel '80
    Mary Catherine Bunting
    Ryan & Sheehan Stanwick Burch '97
    Ellen Burger P'81
    Bradford & Margaret Kilroy Burgess '96
    Sharon Maciolek Byerly '64
    Theresa Byrd
    Dr. Harold & Susan Cahill P'07
    Arthur & Gail Caltrider
    Shawn & Paula Campbell P'20,'24
    Lisa Ward Campbell '87
    Brian & Maureen Cannon P'21
    Neil & Colleen Cashen P'03, '04, '06, '09
    William & Nancy Caspari P'07,'15
    Mercedes O'Conor Cathey '69
    Bradley & Christine Chambers P'18
    Donald Charney, M.D. & Rita Charney P'09,'17,'18
    Bryan & Katherine Villa Chasney '77
    Sara Cheek P'20
    Nassif Soueid, M.D. & Julia Cheikh '89
    Victoria B. Chou, Ph.D. '92 & Jessie B. Chou'90
    John & Danielle Karbonik Cirincione '92, P'22
    David Pugh & Cami Colarossi
    Timothy & Deborah Helfrich Coleman '64
    Matthew & Tiffany Hoag Colimore '89, P'21
    Christine Connelly
    Anne Marie Connolly
    Joseph & Judith Conoscenti
    Michael & Honey Constantine P'99,'08
    John Conte, M.D. & Dianne Conte P'16, '20, '22
    Francis & Bette Contino P'89
    William & Cathryn Corey P'20,'23
    Mary Linda Coryell ’64, P’94. 
    Sheila Cotter
    Hugh & Anne Klug Coyle '59, P'82, '85, '89
    Colleen Austin Crino '92
    Toza & Tricia Jenkins Crnilovic '99
    J. Mitchell & Sharon Feeley Crook '72, P'98
    Robert & Ellen Cullen P'86
    Sharyn Gerk Dachille '75, P'99
    Nancy Knauff Damico '64
    Elizabeth Davey
    Scott & Kimberly David P'14
    Robin Davidov
    Evan & Alexis Davis P'20
    Larry & Sally DeMarco
    Kimberly Demario, R.N.
    Daniel & Kristie Bailey DeMaso '88, P'14
    Jeffrey & Dana Lynch Devack '96, P'23
    John & Sally Diehl P'20
    Mario & Rosanne DiFonzo P'04
    David & Mary Lou Dimler
    Gregory & Mary Dohmeier
    Edith McParland Donohue, Ph.D. '56, P'79, '80
    Anne Jesatko Dougherty '68, P'96
    Brendan & Eileen Fraher Dowling '77, P'10
    Dennis & Judy Doyle P'81,'84
    Herbert & Barbara Lears Dripps '61, P'85,'90,'94
    Larry & Susan Eisenhart
    W. Andrew & Rebecca Engel P'20
    Chris & Gina Engel P'20, '23
    Carey Satterfield Fanzone '90
    Drs. John & Eva Queral Fiastro '69, P'02
    David & Mindi McNamara Fields '95
    Katherine Figiel-Miller '03
    Susan Filar '88
    James & Sophie Fineran P'18
    Michael Fiocco, M.D. & Faith Fiocco P'13
    Jill Matusky Fisher '99
    John Flowers, M.D. & Kate Flowers P'24
    Pete & Joanna Panselinos Forakis '96, P'23
    Mac & Mary Pat Ford P'06,'08
    Mark & Mary Blake Heying Foster '77
    France-Merrick Foundation
    Matthew & Mollie Franke P'16, '18
    Drs. Eric & Esther Frey P'13
    William & Mary E. Fusting P'88
    Mary V. Gamberdella '71
    Alicia Gamboa
    Mark & Nicole Breschi Gedney '94, P'23
    Andrew & Nancy Gendron P'20, '22
    Jane Slear Gesker '64
    Tom & Jeanne Gildee
    Wayne & Holly Gioioso P'08, '10, '12
    Timothy & Jeanette Gisriel P'02
    Ray & Barbara Giudice P'90
    John & Elaine Gottschalk
    Marguerite Mullan Greenman '61
    Mary M. Gunning '75
    The Hartman Sisters in honor of Richard A. & Claire C. Hartman: Claire '71, Elise '72, Suzanne'75 &
     Mary Louise '76
    John & Janet Hasenauer P'99
    Jim & Mary Hayden P'16,'20
    Xiao He
    Mary Lou DiMarco Healy '78, P'06,'13,'18
    Rosalind M. Healy '78
    Jeffrey Hines & Amy Heinrich P'15
    Christina Hellem
    Robert & Mimie Helm P'10,'12
    David Hennel
    Michael & Louise Higgins P'03
    Robert Hinds
    Mac & Lisa Hobbs P'20
    David & Lilly Mihm Hunter, M.D. '90, P'23,'26
    James Hunter, M.D. & Nancy Burch Hunter '51
    J. Calvin & Catherine Burch Jenkins '67
    Peter & Christine Jenkins P'15,'17,'23
    Daniel & Erin Jones P'23
    Laurie A. Jones
    Joanne Jones
    Jessica Klacik Jones '04
    Robert Jones
    William R. Kahl
    Michael & Christine Murray Kaiser '68, P'98
    Dr. Gina Ferra Kaplanis '97
    Cindy Daly, M.D. & Nancy J. Karpinski '77
    Fred & Sarah Kawa P'21,'24
    Kenneth & Elizabeth Geraghty Keady '98
    Timothy & Pamela Rolfes Keffer '83, P'09,'11,'15
    David & Melissa Miller Kelly '85, P'17,'23
    John & Kristine DiPaolo Kelly '64
    Anna Schultz Kelly '97
    Francis & Janet Kelly
     Dr. August & Antoinette King P'77, '78, '93
    David & Kristen Kinkopf P'20
    Linda Wille Kneafsey '65
    Ann Callanan Kneavel, Ph.D. '64
    Marion I. Knott '81
    Mark & Patty Lagator Knott '86, P'15,'19
    Joe & Lauren Knott P'20
    John & Michele Valle Kogler '78, P'07,'10,'16
    John & Debbie Komenda
    Tim Koproi
    Richard & Karen Kozak
    Thomas Krajewski, M.D. &
    Eleanor Michaels Krajewski '67, P'94,'03
    Brian & Jill Kroneberger P'15,'22
    Mark & Taryn Lamdin Kunkel '79, P'06
    Casey & Amy Sielicki Larkin '93, P'26
    Bill & Debbie Larney P'20, '22
    Thomas & Anne MacKay Lawton '64 +
    Guillaume & Anne-Sophie Ledieu P'19, '21
    Joseph & Catherine Liberatore P'17,'19
    Lauren Cannon Lindsay '05
    Lauren Gring Lipin '05
    Donald J. & Barbara Ann List P'20
    Laura Livingston
    Samuel & Laurie Daum Livingston ’87, P’21, ’24
    Lona Logan
    Kevin & Lisa Franklin Loome '88
    Peter & Michele Loscocco P'15,'16
    Cathileen Love
    Paul & Karen Lovelace
    David Lynn, Esq. & Julie Lynn P'16,'24
    Jane Lynn
    Nancy J. Macci '77
    Mark & Molly Macek, Ed.D
    Tim & Anita Caltabiano Macek '89, P'19, '23
    Jake & Laura Kerney Mackle '99
    Emily C. Malarkey '98
    Joanne Armstrong Manzo '02
    William & Rose Schmitz Marcin '77
    Susan Van Wiggeren Markowitz '64
    Ann-Lindsay Smyth Marsh '76, P'05
    John & Maureen Mazurowski P'11
    Sister Patricia McCarron, SSND, Ph.D.
    Edward McCarron, M.D. & Maureen McCarron P'23
    Robert & Bettina McDavid P'20
    Meghan Smyth McDonald '98
    Michael & Sharon McGarvey P'16, '18, '20, '23
    Celia McGrain
    Barbara Kerney McKay '70
    Stephen McVay
    MediaWise, Inc.
    Alexis Melin '69
    Kiley Roohan Mellor '07
    David & Misao Mercadante P'20, '23
    Middendorf Foundation, Inc.
    Carole B. Miller, M.D. P'04
    Patrick & Michele Monaghan P'23
    Katharine McCaffray Moorman '64
    Matthew Lang & Elizabeth Mortimer P'19,'20
    Michael & Sheila Muldowney P'21,'23
    Sarah A. Mullen '64
    Brian Mulliken, M.D. & Debbie Mulliken P'13,'14
    Sarah B. Myers P'90
    The Nabit Foundation, Inc.
    Nazelrod & Associates
    NDP Parents' Association
    Mark Houck, Ph.D. & Margaret Ann Nolan '69, P'00,'04
    Carroll & Mary Ellen Flanigan Nordhoff '64
    Paul & Eileen Norris P'18, '21
    Roger & Kathleen Schwab Novak '67
    Mary Pica Nugent '97
    Matthew & Kelly Oakey P'19
    Kevin & Kimberly O’Connor
    James P. O'Conor P'70, '72, '77  
    Robert & Mary O'Hara P'96
    Ngozi Okoronkwo, M.D., P'20
    Gregory & Stephanie Oler P'20
     Ben & Lacey Aumiller O'Neil '97
    Christopher & Beth Ozazewski P'20, '23
    William & Mary Louise Libby Palm '64
    Ralph & Jeanette Glose Partlow '75
    Richard & Rosanne Patchak '79,'87
    Elizabeth Pennington
    Thomas & Eileen Peri
    Dennis & Louisa Peters
    Robert & Lavina Pfefferkorn
    Michael & Katie Chasney Pinheiro '98
    Christine B. Plumer
    James & Julianne Plutschak
    Jennifer D. Poitras
    Jason & Rebecca Lyn Polun '92, P'25
    PCA Potomac
    Jerome & Marge Baumbach Potter '68
    Theodore J. Potthast, Jr. P'77,'84
    Kristin Brady Raiswell '96
    Patrick & Suzanne Regan P'11,'13,'17,'20
    Timothy & Joanne Regan P'13
    John & Barbara Reiber
    Albert & Marianne Reichelt
    Louis A. Reinhardt, Jr.
    Michael & Maureen Cawley Rhodes '84
     Bo & Maryann Rice
    Allison Lanzi Rich '04
    Brian & Keri Riemer P'22
    Matt & Elizabeth Rockstroh P'22
    Kathleen A. Rogers '75
    Charles & Ann Rogers P'20
    William & Lynn Roohan P'05,'07
    Richard & Tracey Rosa P'19
    Rudolph & Melinda McCaffray Rose '63
    James Ross
    Edgar B. Rouse Foundation
    Michael & Kristen Rudolph P'20,'22
    Henry Sage & Amy Sage, M.D. P'25
    Patricia E. Samuels
    Clayton & Aimee Sann P'17
    Albert & Jane Kroh Satterfield '60
    Jonathan & Kimberly Saxon P'26
    Mary Bagliani Schaefer '79
    Steven & Mary Joy Sysantos Schaefer '86, P'18
    John & Marlene Schiech P'06
    Edward & Leigh Ann Lentz Schneider '80, P'10
    School Sisters of Notre Dame, Atlantic-Midwest Province
    Jacquelyn Scheuren Schwerling '64
    Laura K. Seifert '02
    Laura Seifert '02
    Kerry R. Shaab, M.D. '90
    Kerry Sheehan '90
    Meredith Sheehan
    Philip & Bridget Sheehey P'12,'17
    David & Michelle DeSantis Shepherd '84
    Michael & Mary Agnes Sheridan P'20
    Mansur Shomali, M.D. & Margaret Shomali P'21
    Don & Mary Sloat
    Valerie Leonhart Smalkin '67
    Mark & Jean K. Smiley, Ph.D.
    Michael & Celeste Smith
    John & Geralynn Smyth P'98','99,'02
    David & Cynthia Sobczak P'22,'25
    Richard & Nicole Sokol P'20
    Kathleen Donnelly Solomon '64
    Paul & Jennifer Brune Speargas '92
    Theresa St. Laurent
    Luke & Angela Pulitano Steckel '86, P'20
    Casey Capozzoli Stefanski '08
    Glenn & Kathy Stevenson
    Leonard & Susan Strom P'94,'99
    William & Lisa Stromberg P'15
    Charles & Kathleen Stromberg P'13,'17
    Kendall E. Strong '11
    John & Nancy Meehan Stude '64
    Robert & Carol Swam P'86 & Swam Family
    Joan P. Sweeney '81
    Jennifer Tarr
    Jeanne Voelker Tepel '56, P'83
    Charles & Judith Terzi
    Valerie Constantine Thompson '99
    Glenn & Maria Velleggia Tilley '80, P'18
    Sydney R. Tommins '13
    Tom & Lorene Tompros P'13
    Dr. Rodrigo & Ruth Toro P'91
    Mary Jean & Oliver Travers Foundation, Inc.
    Steven Udvarhelyi, M.D. & Carol Salazar Udvarhelyi '77
    Arthur & Martina Varnado P'15,'18
    Helen Wilkinson Versace '64
    Stuart & Helen Knott Vogel '83, P'14
    John Vrankovich
    Robert & Marianne Wagonhurst P'10,'15
    Anne Jenifer Walker '83, P'13
    Joseph & Kathleen Walker P'18, '20
    James & Sally Fitzpatrick Waller '77
    Marianne Mainolfi Walsh '77
    Dennis & Shannon Rickel Walsh '91, P'22,'24
    Maureen Walsh
    Paul & Allison Walsh P'17, '20
    Shawn & Annette Campagna Walter '95
    Patricia Walters
    Todd & Lyn Rhoads Walther '90
    Kenneth & Lisa Walz P'20
    William & Sara Ward
    Richard & Inge Bancroft Webster, Ph.D. '79
    Barbara J. Weir '80
    Stephen & Nancy Brady Whalen '67
    Drew and Emily Cootauco White, M.D. '89, P'23
    Stuart & Kerry Doyle White '84, P'13
    W. Daniel & Kathleen White P'03-In honor/memory of Lois Smith White '36, Susan White Wootton '61, Laura White VanSwol '03, and Mackenzie Nicole White '18
    The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
    Caroline Mullin Whitman '09
    J. Scott & Susan Wilfong P'95,'00
    John & Anastasia Handscomb Wilson '84, P'14,'17
    John & Barbara Bishop Wilson '64, P'04
    Daniel P. Wilt P'20
    Tracy M. Windham
    Frank & Fran Winter
    Timothy & Lisa Winter P'11
    Glena Wirtanen
    Theresa Wiseman
    Patricia Smith Woods '64
    Anne Worthington
    Douglas G. Wright, M.D. & Monica Wright P'17,'23
    Kenneth & Debbie Yokum P'11
    Doris Yousfi
    Tony Zingarelli

Campaign Leadership

Campaign Chairs
Dr. Lilly Mihm Hunter ’90
J. Scott Wilfong

Campaign Honorary Chair
Jane Satterfield ’60

Sister Patricia McCarron, SSND, Ph.D.

Leadership Gifts Chairs
Brian Kroneberger, CFP
Dan White

Board of Trustees Chair
Lisa Stromberg

Faculty & Staff Chair
Anne Walker '83

Alumnae Chairs
Amy Larkin ’93
Nancy Whalen ’67

Parents, Alumnae Parents, and Grandparents Chairs
Jim Hayden, CPA
Mary Hayden, CPA
Michael Rudolph
Kristen Rudolph

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Kristen S. Kinkopf, J.D.

We Need You!

It is not an option to wait to prepare young women for life beyond our Gateway. Thanks to 200+ individuals and families, we have already surpassed our $8 million goal and are working toward a vision of raising $10 million, a historic amount for NDP. Equally impressive is the more than 60% of campaign donors who have given their first gift to an NDP capital effort through Limitless!

We know mission growth of this magnitude is exciting, but we cannot do it alone. As we press on to $10 million and beyond, we invite everyone to give and join those who have already pledged their support. Perhaps you would like to make a five-year pledge to the school? Or perhaps you would like to pledge your class year or your daughter’s class year via a one-time gift? No matter the gift, we are grateful for your support and partnership.

To help motivate our community, four families, three of which have agreed to give a second gift to Limitless, are joining to provide a $350,000 challenge match. For every dollar raised up to $350,000, NDP will receive one additional dollar! We are grateful to Jane and Jody Satterfield, Lisa and Bill Stromberg, Scott and Susan Wilfong, and Frank and Janet Kelly for their investment in this campaign and for providing this challenge match.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity to make an immediate and profound impact on students’ lives, NDP’s future, the local community, and the world!

Limitless Giving Societies

$1,000,000+: Limitless Leaders
$500,000 - $999,999: Limitless Dreamers
$250,000 - $499,999: Limitless Creators
$100,000 - $249,999: Limitless Inventors
$50,000 - $99,999: Limitless Achievers
$25,000 - $49,999: Limitless Designers
$10,000 - $24,999: Limitless Explorers
$5,000 - $9,999: Limitless Innovators
$1,000 - $4,999: Limitless Collaborators
Below $1,000: Friends of Limitless
    • We are Limitless!

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