Academic excellence, spiritual growth, the practice of justice

Our Mission

Where Girls Become Women Who Transform the World

Notre Dame Preparatory School educates and empowers girls to become women who transform the world. As a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12, Notre Dame Prep inspires students to pursue academic excellence, spiritual growth and the practice of justice. Infused with the spirit of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, the NDP community strives to answer God’s call “…to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with God.” (Micah 6:8)

An Overview of Notre Dame Preparatory School

Foundation Documents

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  • Belief Statements

    • We believe that health in mind, body, and spirit is witness to the sacred dignity of all persons. 
    • We believe that education grounded in the Gospel fosters wisdom and spiritual growth. 
    • We believe that single-sex education develops confident women who are independent thinkers. 
    • We believe that a challenging and nurturing educational program best serves the needs of adolescents. 
    • We believe that tradition must be balanced by openness to change. 
    • We believe that demonstrating genuine personal integrity is at the foundation of the authentic self. 
    • We believe that direct experience of leadership develops courage and fortitude. 
    • We believe that commitment to experiences beyond the classroom is a critical part of self-discovery. 
    • We believe that respecting the dignity of all people creates a welcoming, trusting and compassionate community. 
    • We believe that intentional stewardship affirms the reality that we belong to a global community linked to all creation. 
    • We believe that our solidarity with the world calls us to serve persons who are marginalized. 
    • We believe that courageous pursuit of systemic change, wherever needed, will transform the world. 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitments

    Notre Dame Prep’s formal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitments were spearheaded by NDP’s Anti-Racism Task Force called STRIVE (Sustaining Transformation: Racial Inclusion, Value, and Equity) and approved by NDP’s Board of Trustees. These commitments are an expression of NDP's Catholic identity and serve as a touchstone for all our work promoting justice and equality.

    As a Catholic, independent school, Notre Dame Preparatory School is rooted in the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching. The life and spirit of the School Sisters of Notre Dame permeate all aspects of NDP and its community. This spiritual heritage calls us and requires our action to nurture in all ways a community of one mind and one heart.  
    • Notre Dame Preparatory School’s mission, vision, and values guide our way forward and strengthen our commitment to the message of love, respect, justice, and equality for all.  
    • Notre Dame Preparatory School recognizes that racism is a sin and is committed to working towards ending all systemic racial injustice within the school community and extending to the greater community. 
    • Notre Dame Preparatory School embraces a diverse and inclusive community and is committed to creating an environment that honors and respects the dignity and gifts of each individual and fosters equity through its community life, programming and activities, and outreach to the broader community. 
    • Notre Dame Preparatory School is committed to educating and empowering young women to work actively to eliminate the root causes of injustice and thereby transform our world for the better. 
  • Graduate Profile

    Academic Excellence - A graduate from Notre Dame Preparatory School: 
    • Has a broad foundation of knowledge able to support a lifetime of learning 
    • Understands her learning process and has developed effective study skills and habits 
    • Thinks critically and creatively to solve problems 
    • Has both the confidence to lead and the humility to collaborate 
    • As a self-directed learner, sets goals, evaluates information, and realizes objectives 
    • Approaches new situations with an open mind and critical eye 
    • Effectively uses innovative technologies 
    • Speaks and writes effectively 
    • Develops a deep appreciation for the arts
    • Remains curious and chooses to pursue an intellectual life

    Spiritual Growth
    - A graduate from Notre Dame Preparatory School: 
    • Prayerfully develops a personal relationship with God and a deep appreciation for the gift of faith 
    • Explores her God-given talents as she seeks to discover and follow her passion 
    • Understands the teachings of the Catholic Church 
    • Recognizes that genuine success requires harmony in mind, body, and spirit 
    • Makes healthy decisions based on ethical principles and demonstrates moral integrity through her behavior 
    • Creates and nurtures quality relationships 
    • Values the dignity and uniqueness of all persons 
    • Seeks to discover the positive contribution she can make to the world 

    Practice of Justice
    - A graduate from Notre Dame Preparatory School: 
    • Is personally accountable for her actions 
    • Ethically uses information 
    • Intentionally educates herself about local and global issues 
    • Demonstrates a strong sense of teamwork and fair play 
    • Reverences our earth and its resources 
    • Defends the dignity of all persons through empathy, compassion, and respect 
    • Engages in acts of direct service and supports charitable causes 
    • Advocates for persons who are marginalized and works to create systemic change

A History of NDP

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  • Since its founding in 1873, Notre Dame Preparatory School has provided a stellar college preparatory education to young girls in the tradition of the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND).

    The essence of the school’s mission—academic excellence, spiritual growth, and the practice of justice—has remained the same since the school’s establishment and provides the foundation allowing NDP to offer a solid liberal arts-based curriculum while responding to the educational needs of the times.
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Accreditation and Memberships

Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the State of Maryland; member of the Association of Independent Maryland Schools, National Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Council for the Advancement of Support of Education, Independent School Management, National Association of Independent Schools, National Association of Secondary Schools, National Catholic Education Association, National Coalition of Girls Schools.

Notre Dame Preparatory School

An Independent, Catholic Girls School, Grades 6-12, Sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame