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Learn about all the fun in Notre Dame Prep's Middle Level

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  • Athletics

    Athletics in the Middle Level focuses on skill-building, sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun. NDP sports teams aim to enable students to build on an existing experience or explore a new athletic interest. Sometimes teams, such as basketball, have a limited number of players they can take. NDP offers interscholastic competition in cross country, field hockey, soccer, and volleyball in the fall; basketball and soccer in the winter; and badminton, lacrosse, softball, and tennis in the spring.
  • Performing & Visual Arts

    The Performing Arts Program at NDP includes electives with the Chorus; Band, Orchestra and Piano Lab; and Dance. In addition, Middle Level students can explore and celebrate their inner performer through the annual Middle Level Musical, in which students assume all performance and stage-crew roles. As an extra-curricular activity, students may perform in the Dance Company, which performs annually and participates in area competitions. All Middle Level students participate in the visual art program two days a week. On Arts Night when all visual artwork is on display, the Middle Level explodes with beauty. Also, that evening, parents and friends enjoy a concert featuring NDP Middle Level musicians and dancers.
  • Spiritual Development

    Religious education and spiritual development take place within the Middle Level and the larger school community. The Middle Level has its own religion classes and attends chapel every Monday morning. A vibrant Campus Ministry program enhances classroom instruction, and spirituality infuses each day, from morning prayer to the afternoon blessing. Age-appropriate service activities and grade-level retreats build confidence, self-reflection, and relationship with God. School liturgies, the cornerstone of NDP spiritual life, bring the Middle Level together with the Upper Level, uniting the entire NDP community in celebration.
  • Traditions

    Extracurricular activities enrich the NDP experience and add to the fun while providing leadership opportunities. The Middle Level has its own activities, music ensembles, Tree Trim, and Middle Made fashion-design challenge. In the fall, middle schoolers race scooters in the annual Tour de Notre Dame, and each spring brings the impressive eighth-grade synchronized swim show. Tradition is woven into the fabric of Middle Level life, including grade-specific and all-Middle Level activities. Dressing up for the Halloween Parade, Academic Bowl, Sisterhood Program, celebrating Seder Meal, and hosting guests on Grandparents Day are just some of the traditions which add spirit and fun to the day!

Middle Level Student Activities

  • Advisory 
  • Assemblies 
  • Athletics: Interscholastic competition for field hockey, volleyball, cross country, soccer (fall); basketball, soccer (winter); and badminton, tennis, lacrosse, and softball (spring) 
  • Sisterhood Program 
  • Clubs: Award-winning Scrabble Club; Book Club (6th & 7th Grade); Boote Camp Club; Cross Stitch Club; Friendship Bracelet Club; Games Club; Global Dance Club; Green School Club; Journalism Club; Kindness Matters Club; Nature Club; Puzzle Club; Robotics Club; Screen Club; Shalom Club
  • Competitions and Challenges at the Local, State and National Level 
  • Dance 
  • Field Day 
  • Field Trips 
  • French Week 
  • Grade 6 Girls Night Out 
  • Grade 7 and 8 Social 
  • Grade 8 Synchronized Swim Show 
  • Leadership Opportunities 
  • Math Problem of the Week 
  • Middle Level Music Assessment Day 
  • Music, including Band, Orchestra, Chorus/Chamber Choir 
  • Middle Level Garden 
  • Middle Level Musical 
  • National French Competition 
  • National Geography and Spelling Bees 
  • Student Organizations: Student Government, Spirit Association, STEAM Organization, Campus Ministry, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) Council 
  • Spirituality—Monday Morning Chapel, Retreats, Campus Ministry 
  • Social Service 
  • Monthly STEAM activities and competitions at every grade level 
  • Student Ambassadors 
  • Tour de Notre Dame 
  • WNDP News Crew 

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