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Middle Level Honors Program

Providing Opportunity to Reach Potential

Newly Expanded for 2023-2024!
Notre Dame Preparatory School’s Middle Level delivers an impactful education for its students in grades 6-8. From classes that challenge students to think critically and develop them academically, to opportunities that nurture their faith and spirituality, to age-appropriate activities and fostering sisterhood, the NDP Middle Level is unmatched.

With the student always in mind, NDP Middle Level offers honors-level placement classes in English and math for students who demonstrate an advanced understanding of those subjects.

Middle Level Honors Courses

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  • English

    Grade 6 Honors English
    Integrating literary genres, grammar,
    vocabulary, and the writing process, the
    sixth-grade honors English course builds on the
    components of language study begun in
    elementary school

    Grade 7 Honors English
    Moving at a faster pace with more
    complex reading, writing and vocabulary
    components, Grade 7 Honors English builds upon the skills in 6th grade. There is a deeper dive into the study of literature and applying literary techniques into their writing.

    Grade 8 Honors English
    Moving at a faster pace with more
    complex reading, writing and vocabulary
    components, Grade 8 Honors English uilds upon the skills in 7thth grade.
    There is a focus on the study of nonfiction,
    novels and drama with an
    emphasis on cross-curricular research,
    and literary analysis essays. 

  • Global Language

    Grade 6
    All students take Latin in which the students learn the mechanics
    of language and the foundation of Romance Languages.

    Grades 7 and 8
    Students who demonstrate an aptitude for learning a second language can take either Chinese, I, French I or Spanish I. These courses span two years and will give the students the ability to enter Level II in the Upper Level. 

  • Mathematics

    Grade 6 Honors Math: Prepares students for Algebra 1

    Grade 7 Honors Math: Algebra 1

    Grade 8 Honors Math: Geometry

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