Support for Success

Bringing Out the Best in All Students

Batza & Simon Academic Services and Enrichment Center at NDP

What makes us  DIFFERENT?
  •  We can see all Notre Dame Prep students
  •  We see students during their free times as needed
  •  We have a bright, beautiful space with offices and study areas
  •  We have a Learning Specialist for the Middle Level
  •  We have a Learning Specialist for the Upper Level
  •  We have a Reading Specialist who works with students in both levels
  •  We have a Math Specialist who works with students in both levels
  •  We work closely with classroom teachers

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  • Learning Resources

    The two Learning Specialists support students in all grades in the areas of academic challenges.  Students with and without a documented disability can work with the Specialists in an area of need.  Services offered may include:
    • Assisting with time management, study skills, organization
    • Individual or small group help
    • Reviewing skills and strategies
    • Consultation with classroom teachers and counselors
    • Developing a Formal Education Plan for a student with a documented diagnosis that warrants accommodations
    • Requesting accommodations for extended-time testing (50%) for classroom and standardized testing (ie. ACT, SAT)

    Additionally, the Learning Resource Specialists work collaboratively with administration, faculty, library staff, and counselors to ensure that NDP provides the most complete and holistic learning support for all types of learners.
  • Math Resources

    NDP offers math resource support to students in all grades who need assistance in mathematics.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Students in the Science National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, the National Mathematics Honor Society, provide peer-to-peer tutoring to classmates who need extra assistance in math and science. This program is run through the Math and Science Departments.
  • Susie Williams Simon '71 Reading Program

    The Reading Specialist implements the Susie Williams Simon ’71 Reading Program, which is open to all incoming students in grades 6 and 9; students in other grades are considered as program space allows. Services offered may include:
    • Informal Reading Testing
    • Further development of fluency skills through a specific intervention
    • Further development of comprehension skills through a specific intervention
    • Assisting with study skills
    • Consultation with classroom teachers and counselors

Meet Our Team

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  • Photo of Marge Potter

    Mrs. Marge Potter 

    Learning Resource Specialist
    (410) 825-6202 x1710
  • Photo of Mary McGrain

    Ms. Mary "Celia" McGrain 

    Learning Resource Specialist
    (410) 825-6202 x1411
  • Photo of Anastasia Wilson

    Mrs. Anastasia "Stacy" Wilson 

    Math Specialist, Math Department Chair
    (410) 825-6202 x1535
  • Photo of Carol Yoos

    Ms. Carol Yoos 

    Reading Specialist
    (410) 825-6202 x2930

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