Lizann Prosser '72

Profile: A problem solver. Engineer. Investment banker. NDP, ‘72. Hopkins, ‘76. Masters, UNC. MBA, Wharton. President of Crown Agents, USA, which facilitates the growth of public sector entities in developing countries. Worked on Wall Street, Main Street and everywhere in between. Brilliant at everything except maybe golf. Proving nobody’s perfect. One niece at NDP.

What Matters: What drives Lizann is problem-solving. “That’s way up there,” she concedes. It’s what gets her juices flowing. “Intellectually, some of the best work I ever did was on Wall Street. But the managerial work I do now is far more challenging,” she explained. Every day, Lizann works with her global staff to analyze problems and create viable and sustainable solutions to help bring developing countries into the 21st century. For her, the challenge is the prize. Making the world a better place is “a nice bonus,” she admits. Not surprisingly, what resonates with her philanthropically is quality education. “I got that at NDP.” There is something else she got from NDP to which she attributes her success. “I was pretty insecure as a kid. Notre Dame gave me a sense of confidence. Gaining confidence there allowed me to grow in ways I never would have been able to otherwise.” And she wants to see NDP do the same for other girls. “Simply put, Notre Dame is a center of excellence, and I think it’s critically important that it not only continue to exist but to thrive.”

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